The Government of Serbia has reached the decision on the preparation of a Spatial Plan of the special purpose area for exploitation of minerals in the Cukaru Peki location in the municipality of Bor.

The plan aims to secure conditions for a sustainable spatial development of the said area, rational exploitation of the mineral site and other resources at the site, as well as neutralizing and ameliorating negative spatial, environmental and socio-economic consequences of exploitation and mineral processing.

– The conceptual framework for planning, exploiting, developing and protecting the area in question is based on securing conditions for construction and planned use of space. The development in mining areas depends on spatial and techno-economic potentials and limitations, but also on technological and environmental factors. Being able to predict these factors is an important starting point for planning a long-term development of such areas – says the decision, which was published in the Official Gazette.

The Spatial Plan will create the basis for issuing location requirements and preparation of technical documentation.

The deadline period for the preparation of the Draft Spatial Plan is twelve months. The funds for the preparation of the Spatial Plan are provided by Rakita Exploration Bor. The funds needed have been roughly estimated at RSD 21.5 million with VAT.

The ministry responsible for spatial planning activities is in charge of the preparation of the Spatial Plan and obliges to secure the obtaining of opinions, requirements and approvals from the competent institutions and organizations, in line with the law, as well as to secure cooperation and harmonizing of positions with all relevant subjects. During the construction or in case of amendment of planning documents, the institutions, organizations and public enterprises authorized to issue requirements for area protection and development and construction oblige to submit all the required information without a fee within 30 days, at the request of the authority in charge of the preparation of the Spatial Plan.

The Draft Spatial Plan will be put up for public review for a period of 30 days at the Municipal Assembly of Bor.

Source: eKapija