For the first time in Serbia, and in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade, CANSEE is organizing LEADER Project, an educational programme from Ivey Business School, which ranks as one of top Canadian business schools. The event is scheduled for May 9 – 20 2016. 

The Canadian LEADER Project is an international educational programme, continuously implemented since 1991 and it is currently taking place in eight countries: Russia, Moldova, Ethiopia, Haiti, Ghana, India, China and neighbouring Macedonia. The programme primarily aims at the provision of a contemporary business education in developing countries and countries in transition. 

The LEADER Project is implemented in a series of MBA – style workshops, which are tailor-made to suit its participant’s profile and it is aimed at enabling them to successfully develop their business ideas and entrepreneurship. 

During the ten-day course, four Canadian LEADER instructors will teach business course material, support with case studies and offer individual consultations.  This will help the participants reach a more profound understanding of the course materials as well as assisting them in the optimal implementation of the acquired knowledge geared towards their specific business plans or working positions.

The CANSEE Executive Director, Mirjana Dončić-Beaton, stresses that the main idea behind LEADER project in Serbia is to gradually bring together a considerable number of leaders and entrepreneurs who will eventually boost our economy’s competition by implementing their acquired skills and through the established business connections. 

Following the opening ceremony of the LEADER Project Serbia, on May 9 2016, and throughout the two-week program, a number of networking events will be organized.

Within the program, the participants and instructors will get an opportunity to visit Schneider Electric’s business premises in Novi Sad. This global company and a CANSEE member with more than 1,000 workers locally, specializes in energy saving software development in complex power distribution systems. 

The application period for the Leader Project was closed on April 4 2016.