International transport and info-logistics provider cargo-partner is one of 15 companies from the areas of retail, logistics and production which have joined together in the Council for Sustainable Logistics (CNL). Together, the members of this initiative, which is unique throughout Europe, take steps to implement sustainable logistics solutions.

The CNL is located at the Center for Global Change and Sustainability of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. The initiative is also supported by the Institute of Production and Logistics as well as by the Institute for Transport Studies.

Advancing the Use of Electric Trucks One of the CNL’s first focus areas is the transition to electric trucks in urban distribution traffic. In coordination with vehicle producer MAN, the members of the CNL are rapidly advancing this development. This includes the provision of test vehicles weighing from 18 to 26 t. In 2019, the companies of the CNL will begin test operations with these vehicles under close supervision by MAN. In addition to the transition to electric trucks, the CNL is working on implementing solutions for sustainable urban logistics and sustainable warehouse logistics.

Sustainable Logistics by cargo-partner Stefan Krauter, CEO of cargo-partner, has been supporting the use of battery-powered trucks in urban logistics for many years. With the construction of an energy-efficient iLogistics Center, cargo-partner is now taking a significant step for sustainable warehouse logistics.