CANSEE organized a visit to our PLATINUM Member “SOBOTEC” that has operations in Hamilton, Canada, as well as in Belgrade, Serbia. Sobotec Ltd. is a leader in the design, fabrication and installation of architectural wall systems, specializing in Metal Composite, Aluminium Plate and Phenolic Composite panel systems, founded in 1988, with the vision to produce a modern wall panel system like no other.

Company owner, Mr. Vlad Sobot, organized detailed tour of their manufacturing premises and emphasized that their company is a leader in this industry due to continuation of capital investments in order to keep up with European trends.

During the visit we met with the other co-owner, Mr. Chedo Sobot. We learned that SOBOTEC office in Belgrade is having 100% expansion this spring. CANSEE was thrilled with everything that we have seen in Sobotec and with this visit overall.