On April 25th at the Holiday Inn hotel, a working breakfast was held with the Customs Administration, organized by the CANSEE Canadian-Serbian business association, the Slovenački poslovni klub, and the British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

The working breakfast with representatives of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia brought together a large number of companies, members of business associations and experts in the field of logistics and transportation.

Present guests had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the process of digitization and e-customs, novelty in the transit procedure and security deposits in the customs procedure.

During the opening address, the guests were greated by:

– Danijela Fišakov, President, Slovenački poslovni klub

– Mirjana Dončić-Beaton, Managing Director, CANSEE Canadian-Serbian Business Association,

– Aleksandra Bibić Kalanj, Marketing and Events Manager, British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce

Slobodan Tomić, coordinator of joint affairs in the Customs Procedures Sector, presented the new application platform (NAP) and pointed out its importance in speeding up the process of declaring goods and reducing the need for direct contact between customs officers and importers/exporters. This platform, which relies on semi-automation and a step towards the implementation of the AIS/AES system, brings a number of benefits such as cost reduction, a more efficient procedure for declaring goods and the possibility of preparing for full automation. He also pointed out that NCTS phase 5 was implemented on January 28 of this year, and that in the previous period a series of seminars were organized with the aim of preparing the business community for the upcoming changes.

Slobodan Ilić, Head of the Group for Transit Procedures in the Sector for Customs Procedures, presented the novelties in the transit procedure, which include the improved transit system, i.e. NCTS phase 5. He explained in more detail the structure of the entry and exit summary declaration and the EORI number. He also pointed out to those present the roles of customs offices, which include, among other, the incident registration.

Ivanka Jovetić, coordinator of joint affairs in the Sector for Financial, Investment and Legal Affairs, presented the amendments to the regulation on customs procedures and customs formalities that are applied in practice. She explained the types and forms of security in the customs procedure, as well as the types of guarantees, general conditions for granting approval, methods and terms of repayment of the security.

After the presentations and Q&As, the attendees had the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences from this field during breakfast and networking.