At the 4th International Festival of plums and fruit brandies in Ugljevik in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the exhibition of competitive character, company Stara Sokolova won two new awards for quality, according to the announcement from Stara Sokolova.

“Stara Sokolova 12” won the gold medal and won in the category of plum brandy, and in the category of other fruit brandy big gold medal won “SOKO Vinjak”.

Thanks to the quality and tradition that has, as well as professional importers and distributors in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the company “Lala i Laćo” Bijeljina, “Stara Sokolova” has once again proved why it is the favorite premium spirits throughout the region.

From Stara Sokolova company, they remind us that almost 70% of their production is exported successfully to foreign markets from Australia via Russia, the Balkans, Western Europe, to Canada, America and the Middle East.