CANSEE organized a workshop about New rules and Procedures for Employing Foreigners in Serbia, together with a dear member @TSG Lawyers and @Slovenački Poslovni klub. Representatives from state authorities, various sectors of the economy, foreign embassies, counsellors, and legal advisors attended the breakfast meeting. The speakers discussing changes in the regulation of the residence status of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia and provided examples from practice, were:

• Zorica Vulić – (Ministry of the Interior, Cabinet of the Minister and Police Officer of the Border Police Administration)
• Radojka Krsmanović – (Ministry of the Interior, Head of the Department for Temporary Residence and Permanent Settlement in the Ministry of Foreigners and Immigration)
• Ivana Čikarić i Katarina Denčić – (Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs, Labour and Employment Sector)
• Biljana Marić – (Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration)

🎤 The event was moderated by Ivana Stefanović, partner and attorney at law at TSG Lawyers Belgrade. The seminar started with an overview of the reasons for the changes and the main motives behind them. These changes are a result of the harmonisation of Serbian legislation with EU directives, the liberalisation of the procedure for the employment of foreigners and the increase in the competitiveness of the Serbian labour market.

☕️ After the presentation, open questions and expectations regarding the results of the changes were discussed over a relaxed working breakfast.