The LEADER Project Serbia, a Canadian educational programme from Richard Ivey Business School officially started in Belgrade today on 9 of May 2016. This programme is offered by one of the top-ranked business schools in the world. It is implemented for the first time in Serbia from May 9 -20 2016 by CANSEE, the Canadian-Serbian Business Association, in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade.

Mirjana Dončić-Beaton, Executive Director of CANSEE, stressed that the main implementation goal of the LEADER Project’s programme in Serbia was to bring together a significant number of leading entrepreneurs who would use their acquired knowledge and contacts to improve the competitiveness of the Serbian economy in the upcoming years. 

“We are very happy that we have managed to organize this educational programme free of charge for the Serbian entrepreneurs in with our partnership with Richard Ivey Business School in the ‘Year of Entrepreneurship’.  The application for the programme was publically advertised and the programme has admitted 30 participants. We expect to have even more participants next year”, CANSEE executive director explained and invited the entrepreneurs to take part in the programme. 

Mr. Philip Pinnington, Canadian Ambassador in Belgrade pointed to the vast potential to improve the economic cooperation in a variety of sectors between Serbia and Canada. “The LEADER Project is of high importance and very useful for the entrepreneurs as it enables them to improve their businesses and to get connected with potential business partners”, stated the Ambassador.

Mr. Marko Čadež, the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), stressed emphasized that the essential goal and the added value of such business education programmes were to enable the entrepreneurs to improve their business performance, develop fresh business ideas and establish new business cooperation.  

“The special extra added value of this training programme is an opportunity to engage in networking with the other participants as well as with the representatives of the companies whom the participants will visit and meet in the course of the programme, as well as the exchange of good practice on the course and during these visits”, it was stated by the President of the SCC. 

“The LEADER Project’s educational programme is not a solitary form of cooperation between the SCC and CANSEE”, it was said by the President of SCC. He referred to the recently signed Memorandum on

Cooperation between the two business associations, as well as to the Business Forum Organization, which at the end of the last year brought together in the premises of the SCC a number of businessmen interested in intensifying business liaisons in various economic sectors.  


The Canadian LEADER Project is an international educational programme which has been implemented since 1991 and is currently taking place in eight countries across the world: Russia, Moldova, Ethiopia, Haiti, Ghana, India, China and neighbouring Macedonia. Its primary objective is to promote a contemporary business education between developing countries in transition.

The Leader Project is designed as a series of MBA-style workshops which are tailor-made to suit the needs of its participants. Its goal is to enable the participants to successfully develop their business ideas and entrepreneurship. 

During the ten-day course, four Canadian LEADER instructors will teach business course material, support with case studies and offer individual consultations. This will help the participants reach a more profound understanding of the course materials. In addition, it will assist them in the optimal implementation of the acquired knowledge geared towards their specific business plans or working positions.