Schneider Electric in Novi Sad is to move into a new business building in the former Novkabel industrial complex next year. This building, the company has announced, will meet the highest ecological and energy demands, which will provide it with the status of a CO2-neutral building.

The hall of the former Novkabel will be reconstructed and revitalized in order to become a modern business center. The most modern technical systems and components from the Schneider Electric production program of building management will be installed in the facility.

– The results of research carried out throughout the world show that employees in “green buildings” are happier and more productive and that a high-quality, comfortable and ecological environment is becoming the most desirable kind of workplace. The Schneider Electric Development Center continues investing in the quality of the working conditions and lives of the employees, as well as in responsible operations to the benefit of the community – stated the director of the Schneider Electric Development Center, Dragoljub Damljanovic.

The reconstruction of the former industrial hall “Uzara” will therefore not be just a formal-technical repurposing of 14,000 m2 of space. The aim is for the specific atmosphere and the historical-economic identity of this symbol of Novi Sad to match the values of a modern company.

Through the reconstruction, the hall will become a high-tech facility equipped with the most modern technical systems and equipment for Schneider Electric’s production program. These are primarily systems for automatic management of facility systems (lighting, heating, air conditioning…), which enable a rational use and consumption of energy. The highly sophisticated BMS (Building Management System) for supervision and control of the technical systems which will contribute to the energy efficiency of the facility will play a special role.

Schneider Electric’s “green building” will also feature the Data Center built in line with strict security standards

Source: eKapija