At the 7th international conference CSR Forum, held on December 8, Rudnik and flotation Rudnik Ltd. received the award for responsible business in 2016.

Rudnik Ltd. is among 20 companies that have earned a prestigious position on the CSR INDEX list – national index of responsible business in 2016, according to the Smart Collective and the Forum for Responsible Business, which was developed in partnership with NALED and with the support of USAID .

Contango Rudnik

During the panel discussion, business leaders shared their experiences and best practices in five key areas of CSR: corporate governance, relationship with the local community, working environment, market operations and environmental protection. Panel discussion was followed by the ceremony at which the best ranked companies in the CSR Index for 2016/17 were proclaimed, in the presence of national and international officials, businessmen, representatives of civil society and the media.

contango rudnik, naled