Last night PharmaSwiss Company, a CANSEE member, was awarded Beogradski pobednik Award for its outstanding contribution to the local economy. 

We wish to congratulate PharmaSwiss, our prominent member in every aspect, on this significant recognition!

Yesterday evening Assembly of the City of Belgrade hosted conferment of Beogradski pobednik Annual Award. This year six companies received the award. The first awarded company was the pharmaceutical PharmaSwiss for its outstanding contribution and the achieved results in the local economy in 2015. 

Besides PharmaSwiss, the award was delivered to Chemical Agrosava, AnP specializing in beverages production, ASW Inženjering Software House and Gaj – inženjering i opremanje Company. 

PharmaSwiss is the largest Canadian Greenfield investment in Serbia in the pharmaceutical sector. By taking over PharmaSwiss, Canadian Valeant, which is one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, has ensured its market entrance in 17 European countries. Valeant has invested 30 million EUR in one of the most cutting edge factories in Serbia, adhering fully to the EU quality standards. 

In the thirty-year-long tradition of Beogradski pobednik and Plaketa Awards, 191 companies and 60 entrepreneurs, individuals and institutions have been awarded so far. 

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