Free zone “Apatin” was expanded to Odzaci municipality where it will comprise 280 ha of land in industrial zone where facilities of domestic companies, Hipol and Standard gas and foreign firms Greiner and Magna are.

– These companies which are important importers will be free from VAT for production material. Apart from that, the ones who would build in the industrial zone will not pay VAT for construction material. For potential investors, it is a great benefit that profit tax is not paid in free zone or it is decreased to significant extent – president of the Odzaci municipality, Dusan Marijan said when signing the contract on set up of Free zone Apatin branch, with the head of Apatin municipality, Zivorad Smiljanic.

With joining to the Limited liability company for managing Free zone Apatin, Odzaci municipality became a co-owner with 25% stake at total capital and it got two places at the Assembly of company while one went to Standard gas.

Other eight places went to representatives of Apatin municipality whose president then outlined that he does not see subzone in Odzaci as competition but as a backup to Apatin customs-free zone.

Source: Novosti