CANSEE valuable member Mineco, one of the largest investors in mining in Serbia and the region, will provide two scholarships this year for fourth year students of the Faculty of Mining and Geology through the Euroknowledge Foundation, in the study programme Exploration of Mineral Resources, Economic Geology module.

Mineco invites students who are starting their fourth year of this programme in October to apply to the Euroknowledge Foundation for scholarships of 100,000 RSD.

This is the ninth year since the Euroknowledge Foundation announced the competition, and Mineco has been providing funds for two student scholarships for six years in a row. In previous years, Mineco provided scholarships to mining engineering students, but this year the company decided to provide an opportunity for this scholarship to those studying at the Department of Geology.

The Euroknowledge Foundation provides scholarships to a total of five students, including two geology students. The competition is open until 5 October. All the scholarships are non-refundable grants and will be paid in ten equal installments.

A confirmation of the year enrolled and the average grade in studies should be submitted with the application. Evidence of parents’ income from the last three months is also required, and if the parents are not employed, a certificate from the National Employment Service. Candidates may also submit evidence of special recognitions and awards if they have them.

A special Foundation commission will select candidates on the basis of success, financial situation and enrolled studies. The results will be publicised by the end of October 2020. Candidates can find more information about how scholarships are allocated on the website

In Serbia, the British company Mineco and its partners own lead and zinc mines – Rudnik near Gornji Milanovac, Veliki Majdan near Ljubovija and Bosil-Metal near Bosilegrad.