Corporate social responsibility, continuous positive impact on society or quality contribution to solving a current challenge of the local community, has become an indispensable criterion for assessing the success of a company or organization, or is a generator of positive reputation and added value of a brand or business.

For over 10 years, Delta Holding has had a function in its system that manages socially responsible initiatives. With many projects, especially the project “Our Village”, they demonstrated the great importance of CSR in modern business and provided a positive example worth highlighting in our business community. Behind all that, together with her team, stands a person, a woman, who, according to the members of the jury, convincingly deserved this year’s CSR Manager of the Year award – Tijana Koprivica.

In addition to the project “Our Village”, great importance for raising awareness of the importance of recognizing and integrating aspects of social responsibility in everyday business, through the chairmanship of the GCUN Network in Serbia and the Board of the Forum for Responsible Business, as well as participation in numerous conferences, an opportunity was made for promoting the goals of sustainable development, 10 principles of the Global Compact and sustainable business. This long-term project is successfully managed by Tijana Korpivica within Delta Holding.

On behalf of CANSEE, we congratulate Tijana on her well-deserved recognition!