LiSEC, a company specializing in the production of machines for flat glass processing, has been relying on logistics solutions by cargo-partner since the early 1990s. The intensive cooperation includes monthly air and sea cargo transports to various destinations around the world: from Europe and the Middle East to Africa, Asia and America. LiSEC holds its logistics partner to the highest standards: Flexible solutions are equally important as punctuality, proactive transport status updates and quick reactions to requests. One aspect that has proven especially valuable in the past two decades is the collaborative learning experience and continuous improvement of all processes along the supply chain.

To keep track of their numerous and extensive shared projects, cargo-partner and LiSEC rely on SPOT. The SPOT Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Platform provides simple communication on shipment level, tracking in real time, comprehensive reporting options and efficient document and information management. An especially useful feature for the LiSEC team is the Reporting function which allows them to gather a summary of all shipments as well as detailed volume statistics at any time.  “The summary report of all shipments is really helpful, and tracking for our shipments to the USA works great!” says Thomas Griemann, head of the customs/freight department at LiSEC.