On Thursday, February 9, 2017, CANSEE Canadian Serbian Business Association has organized an interactive workshop “Formula for success” for members and friends of the Association.

At the premises of Canadian Embassy in Belgrade, Siniša Ubović, well known motivational trainer, presented the useful techniques with the aim of motivating the participants on both business and private level. The workshop covered different topics, from creating a positive work environment, strengthening communication skills, and understanding of yourself and your position in the team, to building up the feeling of individual consciousness and creativity development.

The importance of constant self-improvement and the transformation of the inner-self through motivation was stressed. The difference between inspiration and motivation is that inspiration gives you the idea and motivation causes you to put the idea into action.

Participants were introduced to the useful methods that lead to success and self-transformation both through theoretical and practical (interactive) part of the workshop.  

Many thanks to Mr. Ubović for motivating us at every level through this wonderful workshop!