LEADER Project takes a joint regional approach for the first time, enhancing its impact and visibility

After completing the successful editions of the LEADER project and announcing the three winners from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, awardees obtained the chance to jointly pitch their business ideas in front of a regional and international jury for the first time at the Regional Business Pitching Competition in Hilton HotelBelgrade on 22 June, from 15:30 to 17:30.

“We are so happy to announce the LEADER project winners from the three regional sites. Our nine winners – Valentina Čolić, Jovana Stanković and Tamara Jevtović from Serbia; Olga Rajchik, Todor Panev and Bojana Zavkova from Macedonia; as well as Emina Zahirović-Pintarić, Ali Sayyed and Srđan Majkić from Bosnia and Herzegovina are so eager to present their business ideas, after receiving continuous mentoring and support and learning everything needed for running a successful business.” – inform representatives from the three sites CANSEE Canadian Serbian Business Association, Macedonia2025 and Restart respectively.

The first regional business pitching competition has been enabled thanks to the project “Strengthening of Cross-border Cooperation and Relations in the Western Balkans through People to People Contact of Young Entrepreneurs“, funded by the Western Balkans Fund, created with the aim of financing small and medium-sized projects in the field of education, sustainable development and human rights in the countries of the Western Balkans. 

The second regional business pitching competition will take place on 9 August in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and winners will finally pitch together for the third time in Skopje (Macedonia) on 7 November, as part of the Macedonia2025 Summit.  

The mutual project activities will surely provide LEADER project winners an enhanced opportunity for increased visibility and regional exposure.