Delta Holding is the winner of the Main Virtus Award for contribution to philanthropy at the national level. The projects of Delta Foundation which were particularly emphasized are “Third parent”, “Fund for Future” and donation of the third Delta endowment, sculpture “From There over Here” to the City of Belgrade.

 “This is really a lovely surprise for all of us. Our joy is even greater because this is the second time Delta Holding has won the Main Virtus Award. The greatest merit for the award goes primarily to our employees who apply the principle of social responsibility in their business and are happy to dedicate their time and knowledge to the realization of humanitarian activities”, said Tijana Koprivica, Sustainable Business Director in Delta Holding.

 For eleven years already Trag Foundation has granted philanthropy awards to the companies, small and medium enterprises and individuals with the aim of honoring and publicly promoting the companies and individuals which give strategic support to the community development and give the best possible example to others. Delta Holding won the Main Virtus Award in 2016 as well.