CANSEE Canadian Serbian Business Association and Serbian Chamber of Commerce signed an Agreement on Cooperation in the educational program “LEADER project,” of the Canadian school Richard Ivey Business School, one of the top ranked business schools in Canada, which will be held from 9 to 20 May, 2016., in Belgrade. 
“It is a ten-day intensive business training based on examples from the international practice, and the aim of CANSEE association, along with the partnership with Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, is to transfer the values of this international educational project to all members of the industry being the driving forces of the Serbian economy”, said the President of CANSEE, Goran Obradovic.

The President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Mr. Marko Cadez, on the occasion of cooperation with CANSEE, said that “Canadian companies can always count on great support of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia  in establishing contacts with Serbian companies, which are proven to be reliable partner for foreign investors.”

Project participants are selected among the most prominent candidates, mostly entrepreneurs, managers and representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises for whom this kind of education will be of great help in improving their companies’ operations or placing new business ideas on the market.

CANSEE Executive Director, Mrs. Mirjana Dončić-Beaton, points out that “the main concept in the background of the project is that in the coming years of organizing and holding such program in Serbia, a group of entrepreneur leaders would gradually gather together, who would employ the knowledge acquired and contacts made in providing further successful business operations and enhancement of competitiveness of our economy”.

Besides, in the previous year, 2015, CANSEE association was the partner of “Macedonia 2025” organization, which for eight years in a row has successfully organized LEADER project in Macedonia and on that occasion a group of participants from Serbia was delegated. 

The competition for participation in the LEADER project 2016 will be announced in March this year.

LEADER project is an acronym for the project Leading Education And Development in Emerging Regions. Website: