“Schneider Electric” is planning to invest more tenths million euros in the next three years in development of products in their Developmental center for software in Novi Sad, Dragoljub Damljanovic, the head of “Schneider Electric” for Serbia and Montenegro said for eKapija.

– The idea is to upgrade ADMS software (Advance Distribution Management System) produced in Novi Sad-based “Schneider Electric DMS NS” so that we could respond to increased scope of work. We want to produce software for “cloud”, which is our users’ need but also business in line with global trends–Damljanovic explains during the visit to “Schneider Electric DMS NS”.

ADMS software (Advance Distribution Management System) which is produced in Novi Sad-based “Schneider Electric DMS NS” has been installed so far in 136 control centers, 54 electric distribution which serve more than 75 million users in 6 continents. It is an integrated software solution for management of electrical distribution systems in the presence of renewable energy sources.
Dragoljub Damljanovic

One of the most renowned consulting companies in the world “Gartner – USA” declared this software to be the most quality and the best product in the world five years in a row (in2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015). On three biggest “smart grid “tenders in the world in 2014, Arizona Public Service, Xcel Energy -Denver iElectricity North West Limited (ENWL) – Manchester, “Schneider Electric DMS NS” was elected to be the best bidder and its ADMS software was estimated as the best technical solution provided.

Since 2011, a part of “Schneider Electric”

Development of this software started in 1995 and in 2000, at that time “DMS Grupa” Novi Sad, developed its original industrial product – DMS software. Since 2008, “DMS Grupa” operated within “Telvent” which was three years later acquired by “Schneider Electric”.

Until ten years ago, “Schneider Electric” dealt only in production of electrical equipment which other companies integrated. In line with corporate strategy, “Schneider Electric” stepped into acquisitions to develop integrative solutions to connect all our products. One of it is “Telvent” thanks to which we have complete solution for management of systems in electric distribution companies.
Dragan Popovic

Approximately 800 scholarships

For a number of years, “Schneider Electric DMS NS” has been implementing active scholarship policy for students which are enabled to, after schooling, to continue their career in “Schneider Electric DMS NS”. Since 2012, the Foundation has provided courses for 800 participants.

New partnerships underway

Our collocutor adds also that new investments comprise new hires and constant growth on set up of partnership with companies in this region.

Licensed partnerships as the highest form of cooperation, “Schneider Electric” in Serbia has so far achieved with three companies which ADMS software integrates.

They are “Elnos” which produces compact installation and concrete transfer stations in Batajnica then “SNE Energy” from Cacak which produces mid-voltage blocks and Belgrade-based “Melpo” which produces cassette facilities of low-voltage in Dobanovci. A large number of companies cooperate with this French company and the wish of “Schneider Electric” is to hire as many companies as possible and thus expand in the region.