CANSEE visited privately owned company Dual Aluminium Systems doo on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. Canadian Ambassador in Serbia, Mr. Philip Pinnington, and Ms. čurđa ć eramilac, Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada in Serbia joined the visit.

Representatives from the Embassy of Canada and from the CANSEE visited production facilities of Dual Aluminium Systems doo.

The main activity of the company is designing, manufacturing, delivery and installation of exclusive aluminum and aluminum wood joinery, with the highest European and world standards. The company is mainly oriented to export its products and over 70% of total sales are exported to the markets of Canada and Europe (Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia etc.). From 2012 until today, the company Dual aluminum systems presents its products at the fair equipping of Montreal, each year in March, in a representative showroom equipped with Dual aluminum systems products.

Company Dual aluminum systems is the first company from Europe that has managed to place its products in the highly demanding Canadian markets with specific standards related to the loss of heat. They offer windows with double glazing and a triple, all with the aim of reducing heat loss. The company is involved in the project “Passive house” on the Canadian market, where this concept of low energy consumption objects is very present.

The company has certificates from leading certification bodies, CSTB in France, Belgium ATG, and IFT Germany. It also has ISO 9001 Quality Management System and also their products are manufactured according to CE regulations, and have the CE mark.