On Monday, December 20th, 2021, CANSEE representatives visited NURDOR National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer at their premises in Belgrade. During their visit they had a chance to learn more about the Association’s history, goals, projects and how they support children and their families through their biggest battle.

NURDOR was founded in 2003 in Belgrade and has been taking care of children with cancer and their parents from all parts of Serbia ever since. They offer psychological and social support to children and their parents, help them achieve their legal rights, provide the best possible conditions in hematology and oncology departments, educate the parents, children, medical staff, volunteers, and the public. In addition, NURDOR cooperates with other parent associations in Serbia, the region, and abroad to help families faced with cancer solve a great number of problems they must deal with daily.

For children, young people, and medical staff at all six clinics in the country to have the best conditions for treatment and care, NURDOR has been investing in the reconstruction, construction and equipping of pediatric hemato-oncology departments for years, with the help of donors and friends. The primary goal is to achieve a greater degree of equality of conditions and standards of treatment in all treatment centers in the Republic of Serbia with the aim of growing towards an advanced and efficient health system.

Long-term oncological treatment outside the place of residence and finding accommodation near the clinic are a huge problem for the families of sick children. The goal of opening the Parents’ Houses is to facilitate long-term, difficult, exhausting, and uncertain treatment for parents and children, as much as possible. In Belgrade, Nis, and Novi Sad, in five Parents’ Houses, NURDOR provides hospitality and psychosocial support every day, completely free of charge, for as many as 25 families from all over Serbia whose children receive chemo and radiotherapy on an outpatient basis in the day hospitals of hematology departments.

Accommodation in Parents’ Houses is an important form, not only of material, but also of psycho-social support, and enables parents to, with regular visits by volunteers, psychologists, and social workers, be more relaxed and dedicated to their children. Staying in the parents’ houses, in a warm environment like at home, has an extremely favorable effect on children, on the very process of their treatment.

Please support their work by donating or volunteering or if you want to help out in other ways, please contact NURDOR at 011/26 81 554 or visit their website www.nurdor.org for more information.

We sincerely thank you for your support!