CANSEE exploration and mining industry group gathers the biggest Canadian investors in this field. Among them are world-class Canadian companies, such as Nevsun Resources, Mundoro, Dundee Precious Metals, Erin Ventures and Medgold which have so far made significant investments in mining and geological exploration in Serbia.

On October 4, Belgrade will host 6th International Conference on mineral resources in the Republic of Serbia on the topic of “The driving force for economic development”, on which will take part all the members of exploration and mining industry group within CANSEE association. In addition to the aforementioned Canadian companies, members of the association that will participate at the Conference are companies Terragold, Jantar group, Geoing Group, Contango, Metalfer, Drilexx International, Metso and S&V Drilling Mine Services.

The aim of this conference is to connect mining sector investors and experts with all relevant governmental, financial and social stakeholders. Numerous speakers are coming from Canada in order to exchange ideas and experiences which will contribute to the improvement of business practices in the mining industry in Serbia.

After the opening speach of Mr. Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Energy, Ambassadors of Canada, Great Britain and Finland, vice-president of the CANSEE Canadian Serbian Business Association, representatives from the Mining Institute, Institute for Technology of nuclear and other mineral raw materials, Faculty of mining and geology, foreign and serbian companies will address to the audience.