We ar very glad that the state of National Emergency ended, and in response to that, the Government of Serbia has prepared the Draft decision on preventive measure for a safe and healthy workplace in order to prevent the further spreading of the COVID-19 virus and it will soon be adopted. The decision is very significant for the future operations of your businesses, therefore we strongly urge you to join us at this webinar and learn firsthand what new ruloes we will have to respect.

Please feel free to register so you can all learn about this significant subject.

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We invite you to join our webinar on Wednesday at 12:00 CET, where we will be discussing the applicable rules and guidelines for getting back to work during the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic after the end of the national emergency.

Our guests will be Her Excellency Ms. Kati Csaba and Ms. Dragana Bajic, an employment law specialist and an attorney with the Joint Law Office Marić and Mujezinović in cooperation with Kinstellar.

We will start with the following topics and you will be welcome to ask further questions:

“Back to work” rules in Serbia and how they compare to similar rules in Canada and some other countries in the region

What will the employer need to do in order to create a safe working space?

Are surgical masks and gloves for everyone an obligation or merely a recommendation?

Can the employer insist that all employees come back to work?

Measuring the body temperature of employees and visitors and watching for signs of other symptoms of respiratory infection at work – can we do this and how and what to do if we believe that there is a symptom?

Working language: English

Looking forward to hosting a great webinar and you joining us!