On December 8, CANSEE Extraordinary General Assembly was held in Canadian Embassy’s Residence, during which new CANSEE Board of Directors members were elected.

We warmly welcome two new members, Mr. Aleksandar Damnjanović, Division Visual Solutions and Mr. Aleksandar Mišković, Medgold Resources who joined Mr. Bryan Beaton, UCTAM, Ms. Teo Dechev, Mundoro; Ms. Gordana Gavrilović, Redknee; Mr. Mile Marić, Tulcos Tech & Die; Mr. Goran Obradović, Dominion Voting Systems; Mr. Aleksandar Obrenović, Nevsun Resources Ltd.; Mr. Justin van der Toorn, Dundee Precious Metals and Mr. Miro Vidošević, Magna at CANSEE Board of Directors.

After General Assembly, CANSEE Board of Director meeting was held, on which Mr. Aleksandar Obrenović, from Nevsun Resources Ltd. was elected as new CANSEE Board of Directors President.

Congratulations to our new CANSEE Board of Directors members and newly appointed president of the Board!

CANSEE BoD President, Mr. Aleksandar Obrenovic