The Ambassador of Canada to Serbia, His Excellency Philip Pinnington, Embassy of Canada Trade Commissioner, Ms. Durda Ceramilac and CANSEE – Canadian Serbian Business Association attended the very finish of filming the movie “Born Dead” in Bezdan, near Sombor, on May 27, 2015.

The main role in the movie is played by the Canadian actor of Serbian origin, Lazar (Lazar Rockwood, Lazar Rajic) who left his native town of Sombor in the sixties of the 20th century. After graduating from Lee Strosberg Theatre and Film Institute in Los Angeles, he built his acting career at the North American continent. During his career so far, he has played more than 90 movie and television roles, mainly in Canada and the United States of America, he has become a very popular and much admired actor and the most popular white Indian movie character in the world, because of a number of movie and television roles of Indian chiefs he played.

Besides Lazar and the Serbian actress Dubravka Mijatovic, for the main roles in the movie the actors from Canada and the United States of America were hired, with over 500 movie and television roles played so far. The roles in Sombor Hollywood movie will be played by John Savage (The Deer Hunter, Hair, Maria’s Lovers, The Godfather III…) Nick Mancuso, and Michael Perea.
– The Movie “Born Dead” is a specific kind of a psychological study told in thriller genre model about the returning emigrant who, after 40 years, comes back to his hometown. There he has nobody. His friends from America are coming after him to get him back and the small village in Vojvodina becomes lively as never before. The story synchroniously tells about the life of an individual in a foreign contry, but also about the tragic position of the members of a small nation forced to accept the “Large” foreign country as the only alternative to material poverty, never managing to fully dispel the suspicion that in the eyes of “foreigners” he will always be a stranger, and in the eyes of “his own” he will always be “the one who left and forgot” – it is written in the announcement.
The movie “Born Dead” is planned to be premiered in mid-2016. Written, directed and produced by Predrag Jaksic, the former Ministry of Diaspora State Secretary.