The participants of the educational programme LEADER Project Serbia visited Schneider Electric’s business premises in Novi Sad yesterday on May 11 2016. This company, which is a CANSEE member, was visited within the educational programme from Richard Ivey Business School offered for free and organized by CANSEE, Canadian-Serbian Business Association in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade in the period from May 9-20 2016. 

Schneider Electric employs more than 1000 workers and specializes in power saving software production for the purposes of large power distribution systems. Among other users, Schneider Electric’s software is used by the BC Hydro electric utility which supplies the complete power system in the province of British Columbia in Canada. 

The official visit to the company started with a speech and presentation given by Professor Dragan Popović, after which the company’s representatives took the programme’s participants on a tour through the company’s business premises. 

Schneider Electric is an international company which engages in power management. Since 1863 the company has shifted its business focus from iron and steel industry, via heavy equipment production and shipbuilding towards today’s specialization in energy and automation. 

The company has been present on the regional markets in Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska since 1997 when the first branch office was set up in Belgrade. Until today the company has developed a network of 20 official distributors and integrators with their own stocks of goods. In addition, Schneider Electric has contracts with around 60 points of sale across the country. 

Besides the equipment launch and sale, Schneider Electric Srbija provides its customers with its technical support through consultations, suggestions, catalogues, installation and maintenance guidelines, software support, trainings and maintenance of the installed equipment. The company’s major clients are found in the electric utilities, wastewater treatment plants, public sector investors, oil and gas utilities etc.  

“We are aware of the fact that the demand for energy will rise sharply while at the same time we will have to reduce harmful gas emissions causing the greenhouse effect. We also know that more than 40% of harmful gas emissions are released from the industrial plants and apartment buildings. We provide power saving solutions which can give an immediate energy saving up to 30%”, it was stated by Schneider Electric. 

The Canadian LEADER Project is an international educational programme which is currently taking place in eight countries across the world: Russia, Moldova, Ethiopia, Haiti, Ghana, India, China and neighboring Macedonia. Its primary objective is to promote a contemporary business education between developing countries in transition.