Corporate Innovation Conference, the largest regional event dedicated to corporate innovation was held for the second time in a row, on October 22, 2019, at the Belexpocenter in Belgrade and organized by the ICT Hub. Corporate Innovation Conference 2019. is the flagship event dedicated exclusively to corporate innovation in Serbia.

Opening the conference, Kosta Andric, CEO of ICT Hub, stated that companies that survive in the future will survive primarily because they will understand how they should manage innovation, dispose of resources – tangible and intangible – and apply current innovation practices.  Also, it is very important that they have a set goal and vision because only a complete commitment to that goal will provide a strong enough motive for the constant struggle in the market and create a constant need for refining and updating the business model.

The theme of this year’s Corporate Innovation Conference, which gathered 350 participants, was “The Search for New Business Models. The second part of the program featured a panel discussion on how corporations in Serbia innovate at which spoked: Dusan Vukianovic, Innovation, and Business Development Director at ICT Hub, Natali Delić, CTO, Vip Mobile, and A1 Slovenia, Ana Govedarica, General Manager at Roche, Dejan Randjic, Co- Founder of ICT Hub and General Manager at DNA Communications.