Not only does Atrium sell and lease residential and commercial real estate, but is also a leader in the valuation of real estate assets, says NAI ATRIUM Managing Director Bryan Beaton

Nai Atrium isn’t just a real estate company. Its portfolio includes a large number of services both in Serbia and elsewhere in the world. Bryan Beaton, managing director, has been working as a real estate expert in Belgrade and the region for 13 years. His goal now is to establish NAI as a market leader.

Stressing that NAI ATRIUM has been on the market for about 12 years, Mr Beaton notes: “We do a wide variety of real estate advising, such as Feasibility Studies, Highest and Best Use Studies and advising clients on acquisition and disposals of real estate. Moreover, we have a very large team of engineers and financial experts who keep our clients’ real estate assets in prime condition through property & facility management, technical maintenance, cleaning services and energy efficiency advisory services. The construction industry in all market sectors are in a boom (Up) cycle. This was sparked by low interest rates and strong occupier demand, which causes rental and sales prices to strengthen. The residential development market was the first to start significant development, when Central Garden and A-Blok were indicating strong sales results.

How would you evaluate construction industry trends in 2018, and where do you see an opportunity for your own further development?

– Atrium sees an opportunity to advise clients and ensure they are making the best decisions. The best time to engage Atrium is at the project concept and land purchase stage, to ensure the correct product is developed for the best market sector. Atrium can advise in all stages of development, from the acquisition of land to the sale of the end product. In the end, having experienced advice will save the client money.

Source: CorD