CANSEE Members had an opportunity to meet the Ambassador of Canada to Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, on September 28th at the Canadian Embassy Residence and exchange thoughts on different matters all while taking measures to prevent the further spread of the ongoing virus.

The reception was opened by a speech held by the Ambassador of Canada H.E. Giles Norman expressing his gratefulness to the guests that, despite the unfavorable conditions, have come to honor the strong, longstanding partnership that the Embassy has with CANSEE. He thanked the Association for its efforts put towards boosting economic exchanges between the two countries which offers great growth potential for its members and the community.

Ms. Dragana Davidovic, CANSEE President of the Board, thanked the Ambassador for the hospitality and the wonderful opportunity to gather at the beautiful premises. Ms. Davidovic explained that CANSEE has been, despite the difficult circumstances, working hard in trying to maintain an active business community during a pandemic by organizing online activities as well as in person activities at which all precautionary measures have been taken and consequently promoting responsible business conduct.

The guests had an opportunity to exchange information, network and share ideas on mutual interests in a beautiful setting with Ambassador Norman and the Trade Commissioner Mr. Petrovic as well as other CANSEE members.

In an effort to lower community transmission of COVID-19, measures were taken to prevent further spread such as distancing and masking. The guests were obliged to present COVID19 vaccination certificate, negative test or recovery certificate either in paper or in digital format upon entering the premises.