8th International Conference on Mineral Resources held in Belgrade on Nov 13-14 gathered representatives of government, local municipalities, diplomacy, private sector and NGOs. The exchange of information and knowledge on current situation with mining projects in Serbia and the region, as well as future progress of mining industry created general impression that mining is becoming strong source of economic growth of Serbia. For the eighth year in a row, Canada as a global leader in this industry has effectively contributed to the International Conference on Mineral Resources in the Republic of Serbia via:

  1. Ambassador of Canada to Serbia H. E. Kati Csaba underlined the importance of continuous communication between all stakeholders throughout mining project development and common understanding of the direct impact every decision has. Ambassador Csaba also emphasized the importance of solid legislation and business environment for mining projects development.
  2. Canadian social performance expert Mr. Chris Johnstone, from Environmental Resources Management ERM Canada, Toronto office explained the need of addressing the issues such as relations with local communities from the very beginning of the projects in order to avoid misunderstanding to detriment of either side. Mr. Johnstone showcased some examples of good practice in solving social relations issues in mining projects around the world supported by ERM Toronto.
  3. President of CANSEE Mr. Aleksandar Obrenovic held an remarkable presentation on successful business operation by all Canadian CANSEE mining and exploration industry group members. Mr. Obrenović emphasized a very active approach by Canadian Ambassador in Serbia. Mr. Obrenovic also mentioned an interesting fact that Government of Canada intends to support its Borden Project as the recipient of a $5 million investment designed to spur innovation in cleaner, more sustainable mining. The Borden Project located in Chapleau, Ontario, will be the first underground mine in Canada to replace all diesel mobile equipment with battery electric vehicles.
  4. This year, a new panel on the importance of engaging the local communities was introduced – Mining Contributions to Regional Development – Benefits to Local Societies. Mayors of the cities in which important mining projects are being implemented had the opportunity to express their opinion and explain their views. Canadian companies presented Canada’s leadership in mining industry and high standards in developing mining projects around the globe, with strong respect for human rights, environment and health and safety standards.

More information about the conference available at: www.miningconference.rs