Our valuable member, Maple Bear Belgrade is a bilingual kindergarten that utilizes Canadian teaching strategies, while remaining in line with the Serbian national curriculum, providing a safe and secure learning environment in which children feel welcome to experiment and discover the world.

Maple Bear Belgrade puts into practice the Canadian education system, which is one of the best education systems in the world. As part of the PISA assessment, which measures students’ ability to use the knowledge they have gained in school in real-life situations, Canada ranks number one among all English-speaking countries and outranks the major economic powers in Europe.

At Maple Bear Belgrade, children learn English, through a process of full language immersion. Based on years of Canadian experience, the immersion learning method helps children to think in a second language and become truly bilingual. Countless studies have proven the benefits of bilingualism for children’s development, helping them to develop critical thinking and the ability to solve problems in everyday life.

The educators from Maple Bear Belgrade benefit from the support of a large team of Canadian experts in applying the Canadian teaching methodology and strategies. The major goal of the Canadian education system is to develop in children a passion for learning that will accompany them throughout their lives and help them adapt to the challenges of the future. In the classroom, the emphasis is on real life experiences, practical learning in activity centers, stimulating curiosity and developing social collaboration skills between children.

The Canadian education system, which will be implemented at Maple Bear Belgrade, is one of the first in the world to focus on the concept of 21st Century Skills. Creativity, collaboration, curiosity, and critical thinking, emotional development, and the ability to use technology wisely are skills whose foundations are laid in early education in Maple Bear classes.

Maple Bear classrooms provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment, in which children are surrounded by carefully chosen books and learning materials to accompany them in their discoveries in the fields of literature, mathematics, and science.

Also, Maple Bear want to give our children the best of Canadian education while respecting the local culture. We believe that every child has the right to the best start in life, accompanied by care, respect for individual development, in an environment that stimulates creativity and natural curiosity.