On 29th January 2019, CANSEE in cooperation with Japanese Business Aliance in Serbia JBAS and NST Law office organized a Data Protection Seminar at the Falkensteiner Hotel Belgrade.

Having in mind that the new Serbian Law on Personal Data Protection has been adopted in the last quarter of 2018, and it is to be implemented in 2019, this seminar was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about this important topic as well as to provide more information about what the new Law brings.

Mrs. Mirjana Beaton, Managing Director of CANSEE and Ms. Danijela Cabarkapa, Executive Director of JBAS have greeted the participants, while Prof. dr. Sasa Gajin, who participated in the creation of the new Law, has made an introduction into the topic as a special guest at the seminar.

The presentation held by Mrs. Ljiljana Urzikic Stankovic, Partner at NST Law office, who has extensive experience of providing advisory services to parties in Serbia on matters of data protection, has provided participants with an opportunity to learn more about the subject through concrete examples, while the discussion after the lecture was an additional opportunity for the participants to raise questions and receive valuable advices.

After the seminar, members of the two business associations have enjoyed the possibility to exchange experiences and opinions about the topic and learn more about each other businesses.

Photos taken by CorD.