CANSEE organized CANSEE Networking Cocktail at the Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in Toronto on March 10, with the aim of gathering Canadian-Serbian business diaspora to contacts and network expansion in Canada, and to encourage business cooperation between our two friendly countries with great support from the Serbian Embassy in Ottawa and the Canadian Embassy in Belgrade.

CANSEE Cocktail in Toronto was very successful and was attended by four members of the CANSEE Board of Directors: Justin van der Toorn, Director, Avala Resources, Christopher MacIntyre, Vice President Corporate Development, Reservoir Minerals Inc., Michael Starogiannis, Sorporate Development, Mundoro Capital Inc., Mike Maric, Director and Owner Tulcos Tech & Die., and by Ms. čurđa ć eramilac, Trade Commissioner at the Embassy of Canada in Belgrade, Mr. Spasoje Milićević, Acting Serbian Consul in Toronto, and over forty business people, Serbian and Canadian origin who are engaged in a very successful business in Canada and who have an interest to develop business cooperation and investment in Serbia.

The outcome of such large attendance was due to the business meetings that CANSEE held during the week.