CANSEE and Maverick Consulting organized “Effective Methods to deal with Everyday Business Challenges” seminar, on November 19, 2019, at Hotel Constantine the Great. The numerous participants of the workshop were representatives of more than10 companies and organizations. This type of workshop is very useful and has a very big value in helping deal with daily matters regarding various business issues.

Why it is important to change perspective is best explained when two people look at a prism, each from their own angle. They have an accurate description of what they see but a completely wrong picture of what they actually have in front of them.

“Working on yourself is like food for the soul,” said  CANSEE Managing Director, Ms. Mirjana Dončić-Beaton, at the opening of the workshop as she greeted the participants and Mr. čorđe Maričić, the moderator of the seminar.

Together with the workshop participants, it was concluded that communication is the key to any business. Only in this way we can tackle the challenges that always manifest in the form of negative stress. On the other hand, stress, as a subjective phenomenon, can be mitigated by exiting the comfort zone by changing our perspective.

For Maverick Consulting, the best empowerment tool in changing that perspective is the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI â„¢).