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Office Reentry Plans Must Account for Medically Vulnerable Employees

After a few months of sheltering in place, states are beginning to open up and employers are starting to consider what a potential “back-to-the-office” plan might look like. Many people are feeling anxious about how safe the office will actually be — especially those who are at higher risk for Covid-19. This anxiety also extends to employees who might not be high-risk themselves but live with someone who is. (For brevity, I’ll refer to these two groups collectively as those who...
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II CANSEE WEBINAR: Radni ručak sa dr Zoranom Ilićem: Kako kroz krizu, petak, 3. jul od 13.30-14h časova

Zadovoljstvo nam je da vas pozovemo na II CANSEE vebinar sa ekspertom za menadžerske i liderske veštine u radu sa velikim kompanijama, doktorom Zoranom Ilićem iz serijala u formi Radnog Ručka na temu: Kako kroz krizu u petak, 3. jula 2020. od 13.30 časova u trajanju od 30 minuta. Visoko preporučujemo da nam se pridružite na ovom polučasovnom vebinaru u pauzi za ručak ili kafu i čujete i naučite više o promenama navika i integrisanju poslovnog života u novim uslovima stresa a...
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Happy Canada Day!

Although this year was challenging for all of us and the current situation prevents us from celebrating together this year's traditional Canada Day as we did in the prior years at the beautiful festive Rezidencija kanadskog ambasadora, we are using this opportunity to wish you - Happy Canada Day🍁🤝🕊
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Businesses Must Reclaim Prudent Accounting Principles

Beyond its human toll, Covid-19 has wrought upon us a daunting economic toll. In a matter of just two weeks in mid-March 2020, entire industries and sectors were brought to an abrupt halt. In the UK, for instance, car manufacturing fell from more than 70,000 cars in April 2019 to just 197 cars in April 2020; for further contrast, the UK made more than 120,000 units during February 2020. To survive a crisis like this, a business must be both efficient and resilient. Prudent accounting...
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CANSEE WEBINAR: Radni ručak sa Svetlanom Nikolić: Upravljanja ljudima u procesu promena – ADKAR metodologija, petak, 26. jun od 13.30 časova

Veliko nam je zadovoljstvo da najavimo izuzetan serijal koji počinjemo sa sjajnim HR ekspertom Svetlanom Nikolić u formi Radnog Ručka na temu: Upravljanja ljudima u procesu promena – ADKAR metodologija u petak, 26. juna 2020. od 13.30 časova u trajanju od 30 minuta. Visoko preporučujemo da nam se pridružite na ovom polučasovnom vebinaru u pauzi za ručak ili kafu i čujete i naučite više o veštinama upravljanja promenama koje su nas sve zadesile a koje utiču na način na koji...
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What Leading with Optimism Really Looks Like

When there is negative news everywhere you look and unprecedented financial and logistical challenges facing so many companies, it can be tough to advise people to stay positive. Many leaders we work with worry, especially now during the global pandemic, that trying to emphasize positivity and happiness will make them look out of touch — and rather than helping their people, it will backfire. The findings from our multi-year research project at a hospital system in Iowa indicate quite...
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In Times of Crisis, a Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

The chatter in our cafeterias and conference rooms is replaced by the disquiet we’re experiencing inside our socially-distanced bubbles. From general malaise to specific maladies, many employees are afflicted by stress and anxiety that make brushing teeth and cooking a meal feel like the day’s crowning achievements. My clients, executives in a variety of organizations, feel overworked, underappreciated, and cut off from their colleagues. While there’s no panacea for these current...
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Pogon kanadske Magne počeo da radi u Aleksincu, u planu zapošljavanje 1.000 ljudi

U Aleksincu je počeo da radi pogon kanadske Magne Seating, koja proizvodi opremu za automobile. Proizvodiće se presvlake za sedišta za sve automobilske brendove. Magna, kanadska firma, prisutna je u Srbiji već šest godina, a u Odžacima ima veći pogon. U Aleksincu je pogon pokrenut u postojećoj iznajmljenoj hali i reč je o braunfild investiciji. Ono što je još bitnije, u drugoj fazi predstoji grinfild investicija, odnosno gradnja nove veće hale, u koju će biti preseljena cela proizvodnja...
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Entrepreneurs, Look to Your Network to Help You Through the Pandemic

On March 21, 2020, just eight days after its first confirmed Covid-19 case, Guatemala’s government issued a nationwide lockdown. That same day, Marsa, an innovative and rapidly growing driving school in Quetzaltenango, the country’s second-largest city, yanked the emergency brake on a 20% fleet expansion. “We were staring at financial ruin,” recalled Saul Calderon, the company’s CEO. “Our whole family, all involved in Marsa, stayed up all night as the initial shock gave way to wracking...
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How New Zealand 'eliminated' COVID-19 after weeks of lockdown

After weeks of lockdown, New Zealand has achieved its ambitious goal of eliminating the coronavirus what you can read more about in the article: Source and photo credit:, AFP  
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How to Prepare Your Virtual Teams for the Long Haul

Before the pandemic, there were no playbooks for how to convert a co-located team to 100% virtual in a matter of days and we’re finding in our research that the conversion process — and the results — has differed substantially from team to team, even within the same organization. This variability puts tremendous strain on individual employees who are now navigating not just one whole new way of working, but often several. The pressures on teams will continue for the foreseeable future as...
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PCR test no longer mandatory when entering Serbia

  Starting on Friday, 22 May, a negative test or a special permit for both domestic and foreign citizens will not be required to enter Serbia, it was recommended to the government of the Republic of Serbia today. The Crisis Response Team for the Suppression of Infectious Disease COVID-19 in its meeting today analysed the current epidemiological situation and adjusted the measures to be applied. All persons entering the territory of Serbia will be handed health warnings stating...
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The Case for Reopening Economies by Sector

The greatest challenge we face in the current crisis is striking the right balance between preventing not only the damage inflicted by Covid-19 but also that which comes from a severe contraction of economic activity. This is a matter of both life and death, and prosperity or poverty, as a deep recession is likely to cause widespread hardship, including increased mortality rates for reasons other than the virus. We must, therefore, find smart strategies for reopening businesses while minimizing...
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How to ensure that employees return to a healthy business environment? – 6 steps for a successful return to the office

After the official abolition of the state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies have resumed regular business activities from their offices. However, the World Health Organization and the Government of the Republic of Serbia recommend maintaining social distance, as a result of which the operations of many companies will be changed. Thus, disinfection barriers, disinfectants, the adequate distance between employees, and a new way of organizing the workspace are some of the...
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Why Economic Forecasting Is So Difficult in the Pandemic

The Case for Reopening Economies by Sector The coronavirus pandemic has introduced extreme uncertainty into nearly every aspect of society. Will health care systems hold up? Will scientists develop a vaccine? Are essential workers safe? When can regular employees go back to the office? The answers to these questions — when there are answers — seem to change daily. And with each change the stock market (and our hopes) rises or falls. Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, we’ve seen pervasive...
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What Good Business Looks Like

As COVID-19 continues its advance, it is showing that much that we believed was wrong. Things that seemed impossible a few months ago have suddenly come to pass. As it turns out, thousands of businesses, universities, and other organizations can pivot to a totally virtual environment in days, not years. Societies divided by politics and inequality can quickly come together in shows of mass solidarity. The pollution over China can magically disappear. As conventional...
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How CEOs Can Lead Selflessly Through a Crisis

You might think that crises tend to bring out the worst in people, but that isn’t reflected in how we view our leaders, at least. In fact, crises cause us to view leaders as more charismatic and effective than we normally do. This is probably why U.S. presidents are almost universally re-elected in times of war. And research has shown that leaders who self-sacrifice tend to be seen as the most effective. Following 9/11, I was so intrigued by crisis leadership that I did a...
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Proglašeni dobitnici 13. Virtus nagrade za filantropiju

VIRTUS nagrada, ustanovljena 2007. godine, prva je i najznačajnija nagrada za korporativnu filantropiju u Srbiji koja promoviše društveno odgovorno poslovanje kao sastavni deo održivog razvoja kompanija. Namenjena je, kako velikim kompanijama, tako i malim i srednjim preduzećima i pojedincima koji su tokom godine na najdelotvorniji način doprineli opštem dobru pružajući materijalnu ili drugu vrstu podrške neprofitnim akcijama ili organizacijama civilnog društva. Kandidate za nagrade mogu...
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Cementation Canada ready to inject innovation into the underground mining space

We are honored to announce that our valuable member, Cementation Canada, is ready to inject innovation into the underground mining space. Injection Hoisting first came to the attention of the global mining audience after Cementation Canada, the technology developers, took the top prize along with KORE Geosystems at the DisruptMining event in 2017. Back then, the concept was viewed as a potential alternative to the labour- and cost-intensive process of shaft sinking. More than three years later,...
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Državljani Srbije u zemlju mogu uz negativan PCR test ili samoizolaciju - Strancima potrebna dozvola ambasade

Vlada Srbije usvojila je protokol ulaska državljana Srbije i stranih državljana u Republiku Srbiju, u skladu sa epidemioploškom situacijom i zaštitom stanovništva od zarazne bolesti COVID-19. Državljani Srbije mogu da uđu u našu zemlju i kreću se bez ograničenja uz negativan PCR test na koronavirus, ne stariji od 72 sata. Ukoliko nemaju urađen test sa negativnim rezultatom, svi naši državljani, bez izuzetka, moraće da budu u kućnoj samoizolaciji u trajanju od 14 dana. Kada...
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First Gold and Copper Explorations in Bor Promising – Canadians, Japanese and Americans Jointly Exploring Sites in East Serbia

Explorations of copper and gold sites in the Bor area, jointly carried out by the Canadian geological company Mundoro, the mining corporation Vale Canada Limited, headquartered in Brazil, the Japanese national oil, gas and metals company JOGMEC and the American mining company Freeport-McMoRan Exploration Corporation, will continue in 2020. The first results of the explorations carried out so far in the location near Lake Bor seem to be promising and show that there's a need for further analysis. Zeleznik...
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Adriatic Metals postigao dogovor o akviziciji kompanije Tethyan Resource Corp

Kompanija Adriatic Metals iz Velike Britanije u čijem vlasništvu se nalazi istraživačko-razvojna kompanija Eastern Mining iz BiH, postigla je dogovor o akviziciji kompanije Tethyan Resource Corp, koja trenutno posluje u Srbiji sa dva nalazišta plemenitih metala na lokacijama Kizevak i Sastavci.   Ovom akvizicijom, kako su saopštili iz kompanije, Adriatic Metals će se pozicionirati kao vodeća kompanija u razvoju baznih i plemenitih metala na Balkanu sa četiri ključna projekta...
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CANSEE & KINSTELLAR WEBINAR: “Living with COVID-19 -- Are you really ready to get back to work?”

On Wednesday, May 13, CANSEE and Kinstellar, organized a very successful webinar: “Living with COVID-19 - Are you really ready to get back to work?” regarding the Draft decision on preventive measures for a safe and healthy workplace in order to prevent the further spreading of the COVID-19 virus that will be soon adopted.   The webinar was a very significant opportunity for CANSEE members, partners, and friends to learn firsthand what new rules we will have to...
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Organizovano besplatno testiranje na COVID -19 za sve građane Republike Srbije koji se iz inostranstva vraćaju u zemlju

Odlična vest za sve građane Srbije koji se iz inostranstva vraćaju u zemlju u cilju sprečavanja širenja korona virusa je informacija o organizovanom besplatnom uzimanju uzoraka za testiranje na COVID -19 u nekom od zavoda za javno zdravlje, izjavila je danas za Tanjug načelnica odeljenja za sanitarni pregled u Gradskom zavodu za javno zdravlje Mirjana Milenković.     U zavisnosti da li se bris iz grla i nosa šalje u KCS...
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Erin Ventures to Continue Field Operations

We are very pleased to be able to announce that our valuable member Erin Ventures is planning re-deploy the technical staff to continue with the field work. Erin Ventures Inc. (TSXV:EV) reports that it is preparing to re-deploy its Serbian-based technical staff to its Piskanja boron property to complete the balance of the field work required as part of the "Elaborate of Reserves" documentation (the first step in the exploitation license process), in light of the decision by the Serbian government...
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CANSEE & KINSTELLAR WEBINAR INVITATION: “Living with COVID-19 -- Are you really ready to get back to work?” on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 @ 12:00 CET

We ar very glad that the state of National Emergency ended, and in response to that, the Government of Serbia has prepared the Draft decision on preventive measure for a safe and healthy workplace in order to prevent the further spreading of the COVID-19 virus and it will soon be adopted. The decision is very significant for the future operations of your businesses, therefore we strongly urge you to join us at this webinar and learn firsthand what new ruloes we will have to respect. Please...
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Lead Your Team Into a Post-Pandemic World

During the Covid-19 crisis, I’ve spoken with many CEOs who have shared that a key priority for them, naturally, has been the safety and well-being of their employees. And there are many examples of inspiring actions taken by CEOs and companies in support of their employees. But as we’ve come to recognize that this crisis will last more than a few short weeks, companies are now defining their approach for the long haul. I’ve seen two crucial ideas take hold with corporate leaders. One:...
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cargo-partner uspostavio redovni nedeljni prevoz robe vozom od Kine do Evrope

CANSEE dugogodišnji i verni član cargo-partner je u nesigurnim vremenima pandemije prepoznao potrebu za odgovorno društevnim poslovanjem i ponudio pouzdano alternativno rešenje u odnosu na uobičajene rute i transport između Kine i Evrope, kao i niz dodatnih opcija. Uticaj koronavirusa doveo je do nedostatka kapaciteta u transportu između Kine i Evrope. U trenutnim uslovima, železnički teretni saobraćaj iz Kine ostaje prilično stabilna opcija. Antiepidemiološke mere nisu uticale...
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Rokovi posle ukidanja vandrednog stanja na teritoriji Republike Srbije

Narodna Skupština Republike Srbije je dana 6. maja 2020. godine donela Odluku o ukidanju vanrednog stanja (u daljem tekstu: Odluka) koje je proglašeno 15. marta 2020. godine. Odluka je objavljena u Službenom glasniku Republike Srbije broj 65/2020 od 6. maja 2020. godine. Odluka je stupila na snagu 6. maja 2020. godine. Kako smo vas ranije informisali, danom prestanka vanrednog stanja, odnosno od 6. maja 2020. godine, prestaje važenje posebnih poreskih mera uvedenih...
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Deadlines After Termination of the State of Emergency in Serbia

On 6 May 2020 the Serbian Parliament adopted the Decision on Termination of the State of Emergency (hereinafter: the Decision) introduced on 15 March 2020. The Decision was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 65/2020 on 6 May 2020. The Decision is effective as of 6 May 2020. As we informed you earlier, on the date of termination of the state of emergency, being 6 May 2020, special tax measures introduced during the duration of the state of...